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Office & Accommodation Container Units

Units to improve the efficiency of your business


From housing long-term staff at your worksite to offering an indoor space to host meetings and discuss processes, our office and accommodation units are perfect for your site. At Trade Container Services Limited, we equip our units with the facilities required to be fully functional. Get in touch with us today to hire a high-quality unit at a competitive price.


Fully Equipped Units

Fully insulated and lined, and designed with anti-vandal specifications, our units vary in size, from 8ft by 8ft high security gatehouses and anti-vandal  site accommodation from 10ft to 20ft and even the larger  32ft by 10ft cabins. These units allow you to host face-to-face meetings away from the noise of the site while also housing welfare facilities. The use of the internal space is entirely up to you – we are able to install lighting, electrics, sinks, 2.5kw heaters, and external plugs, while we also supply furniture and additional parts upon request.


Ensuring Your Staff’s Welfare

With your workforce remaining on site for many hours at a time, health and safety regulations dictate that a number of welfare facilities must be available. At Trade Containers Services Limited, we offer a selection of self-contained and self-powered welfare units. Using a built-in generator, our showers and portable toilets are perfect for any site, even those without water or electrics.


Contact us now to find out more about our office and accommodation units & toilet / welfare facilities by calling: 01843 306819 / 07788 752216.